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Wood Flooring Restoration | your wood flooring improved

Wood Flooring Restoration | your wood flooring improved

Date: 18th May 2021 | By: Michael Reiffer

If your wood flooring is starting to look a bit dated, worse for wear or damaged, then a complete wood flooring restoration project could be what you need. With our floor restoration services, it is possible to put some life back into your dull or damaged hardwood floors that will make them more aesthetically pleasing.

It is also essential to consider how the restoration or refreshing of hardwood flooring within your home can impact the value of your house. Refurbishing or restoring your old wooden floors to brighten them up whilst keeping the original features could significantly increase how much your home is worth. So, when considering floor restoration, it is important to remember that it can be deemed a long-term investment if done well.

Floor restoration will allow for the combination of saving time and money that a flooring refit or replacement would cost. With a great deal of experience in floor installation and restoration, we can reinstate your hardwood flooring confidently and efficiently to its former glory.

The method of wood flooring restoration.

Floor restoration works by sanding the hardwood floors to take off the damaged layer and providing the layer beneath remains untouched; a fresh grain will be exposed. This grain makes the flooring more absorbent to varnish, and oils that are once absorbed and polished will make the floors look fresher and smoother. This process will highlight the woods' natural qualities and ensure that it is protected from everyday wear and tear.

By carefully removing the top layer of the wood, the grain can be preserved for a high- quality finish, guaranteed to be sustainable for many years, whilst also revealing an aged grain that its previous covering would have preserved.

However, hardwood flooring does not always need to be fully restored to improve its appearance; by adding just a good level of polish, we can clean up your wooden floors to give it an upgrade.

The benefits of wood flooring restoration.

As well as the overall result of restoring your hardwood floor to a high standard for both being aesthetically pleasing and increasing the value of the home, wood flooring restoration can also:

- Improve the grains ability to absorb varnish and oils, which will keep them looking fresher for longer. This is based on the usage of high-quality materials.

- Make the wood flooring easier to clean, as the process of levelling out the surface by sanding and polishing will prevent the build-up of dirt and dust.

- Keep the wood grain in good condition for longer, so less work is required in the future.

The amount of flooring that you restore is optional; here at WFS, we can refurbish minor scratches and imperfections to large dents that need to be removed. Follow our Instagram page to see our latest wood flooring restoration projects.

Unlocking the beauty of your hardwood flooring is not something to be compromised over, and our team here at WFS work to the highest standard possible to allow you to get the most from our competitive prices. We tailor all jobs to meet your needs and guarantee a service that gives your room the upgrade it deserves.

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